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The city of Ica is located on the south coast of Lima .
It is an oasis amidst the desert plains of Peru .
It is surrounded by beautiful valleys, famous for its vineyards and wine production of excellent quality.
Other important cities are Chincha , Pisco , Nazca and Palpa .


From Lima you are traveling by car , you just have to move along the Panamerican Highway south for four hours.
If going by bus , there are several lines that run this route for various prices .
We recommend Cruz del Sur, Oltursa , VIP Soyuz .
If you want to fly you have the option of taking LCP to Pisco airport


Sunny weather most of the year , with a maximum temperature of 30 ° C and a low of 8 ° C. festivities Ica is known as the region of sand and sea, oasis and valleys. Besides pisco , wine and popular devotions such as the Señor de Lauren or Yaucas Sanctuary.

Altitude : 406 m.s.n.m

Distances from Ica to Major Cities

  • Distance from Ica to : Lima . 303 miles.
  • Arequipa.711 kilometers.
  • Tacna. 990 Kilometers.

Food and Beverage

In very unique and exquisite cuisine for those who enjoy good food. Its main dishes are:

  • Pallares
  • Morusa
  • Spicy butter beans
  • Suck butter beans
  • Dry wine calf
  • Greaves
  • The carapulcra
  • Chapanas

Also known as shingles dessert , blancmange , stuffed figs , strained beans , pineapple compote , and fresh lima beans .
And of course, the department of Ica is synonymous with wines and pisco , with wineries and wine centers in its countryside .