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These mysterious lines made in the desert have dimensions ranging from a few meters to hundreds , starting apparently from nowhere , leading to no other. The Nazca people undoubtedly took advantage of the special geological and meteorological conditions of this place. The almost total absence of rains (half an hour every 2 years ) combined with wind and soil rich in minerals, formed a very thin dark crust , to be removed which is contrasted with the light color of the subsoil. Thus the broad lines and figures appear as clear lines on a dark background that can only be seen from a great height . The only way to be seen is from heavens, so you should not miss the experience to take a small plane to see figures such as the Spider, the Monkey , the Dog, Lizard , Hummingbird, The Condor, among others, ranging from 15 to 300 meters . Each with a depth of aproximently30 cm. According to Dr. Maria Reiche who devoted much of her life to the study of these lines it is the largest astronomical calendar of the World. Tips for your flight:
* Listen carefully to the instructions of the pilot, and he will tell you the exact moment when you are flying over each figure. * It is advisable not to eat or drink alcoholic beverages before the flight. * Dress in light clothes , since inside the plane it can get hot


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Sobrevuelo a las lineas de Nazca

Sobrevuelo a las lineas de Nazca